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Last updated: 20th November 2017

As the holiday season quickly approaches, we must once again face the stress associated with buying gifts. Choosing the right present is never simple, but one of the most popular and longed-for gifts this season are video games and their related accessories.

Video games are a great gift for just about anybody as there are games for all kinds of interests. There are games for all ages - from toddlers to teens to adults and ones aimed at boys or girls; no matter what you enjoy, there will undoubtedly be a game for you.

While video games can be an easy present to give as they are becoming increasingly popular, it’s becoming more and more difficult to attain your chosen games. Certain popular games are hot-selling items and since these are the games that are the most sought-after, it is important to start your holiday shopping early on.

Consoles & Bundles

If you are not exactly sure what to get somebody, a console may be the perfect option. Consoles make great gifts as this allows the recipient to buy their own games, allowing them to personalize their game collection. With a console, you offer the recipient of your gift the chance to - in a way - choose what they get, while still giving them a personal and special gift.

As long as the receiver of the console is interested in gaming, you cannot go wrong. Consoles are perfect for people of all ages, as well as families, so instead of gifting each individual in a family a game, get the whole family a console that they can share instead.

Another great gift addition would be to include a bundle with the console. People who are new to the gaming world may not know what type of games they want to purchase. However, there are certain key games that everyone enjoys. Games that force the players to exercise are great for people of all ages - from kids with a lot of energy to adults trying to get fit.

Parents would rather encourage their children to play video games if it has benefits to their overall health, so games that are meant to keep you fit are perfect for this. In addition, a large concern for most parents is that their children might isolate themselves while playing video games. However, if you gift this type of fun sports and dancing games, they almost always include multiplayer options, allowing players to compete against each other while getting their daily exercise.

Another safe way to pick a console and bundle is to go with what is popular. Younger generations are very preoccupied with getting whatever is new on the scene, whether it is games or consoles. Typically, the consoles and bundles that are now selling are popular as they are new, so these are probably the ones children want to receive as gifts.

One of the popular systems and bundles for this season is the PlayStation 4 500GB Console - Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Bundle. This console and bundle are on many wish lists this holiday season. Another option that is popular this year is the Nintendo Switch; this is one of the most versatile consoles on the market, perfect for all - from gaming beginners of all ages to experienced ones.

The console sits on a docking system, but games can be played away from the station, as it is portable. Unlike previous models, you do not need to pause and quit your game when you leave the house because it can be taken with you. Nintendo remains to be one of the most popular options for gaming systems, as the company is reliable and the consoles are family-friendly as well as simple to use. The company is well-known for creating some popular games for all categories of interests.

The most popular gaming console and bundle options usually tend to be the new arrivals. Many times, gaming companies will only release the new models towards the end of the year to build up the hype. One of this season’s new arrivals is the Xbox One X, Xbox’s newest creation and one of the most anticipated consoles on the market this holiday season.

Similar to Nintendo, the Xbox brand has created quite a name for itself in the gaming world, remaining on top of the market and creating both video games and consoles. The Xbox One X is supposed to hit the shelves November 2017, adding to the already large anticipation.

It is safe to say that purchasing a gaming console is a good choice when getting gifts for those who are not already gamers. However, for those who already have game consoles, they will not need more than one, unlike video games. Unless you purchase the newest model, it is unlikely people need more than one console. Consoles with bundles are a safe bet for just about any gaming newbie, but be cautious when making your purchases.

Accessories for Gaming

As mentioned, when it comes to giving gifts to people on your list, consoles and bundles are a great choice. However, those who love gaming will most likely already have those items. If you are sure that the people who will be receiving your gifts already own a console, you have plenty of other options.

Accessories are a great choice for both gamers and those who live with gamers. Gifts such as cases and storage containers make perfect presents for families who need to store their collection. This is a practical gift that will be much appreciated in the long run.

For gamers, you have choices of specialized and non-specialized accessories. There are certain accessories that work with many systems and are necessary for all games, such as noise cancelling headphones. They help give users a more immersed gameplay and will keep background noise to a minimum. You will want to check the compatibility of any headset you buy, though, since not all of them will work with every console.

The BlueFire Upgraded 3.5mm Gaming Headset Headphone is compatible with many different consoles and is a popular option for the gamers. It can be used with the Xbox One as well as the newer version, which is going to be released later in 2017. This headset is also compatible with the PS4, as well as the newest Nintendo console, the Nintendo Switch. These headphones have LED lights and easy to adjust volume control, making them a perfect gift for any serious gamers.

For more personalized gift options, purchase skins for controllers. These are used to personalize and accessorize your controller and come with many designs such as superheroes, camouflage, stars and stripes. While these accessories change the look of the controller, you also have the choice to purchase gifts that are convenient to the players while using the controller, such as stands and thumb grips.

If you know the type of console the person you are purchasing a gift for has, get a more specific gift, such as controllers themselves. While only one controller is really necessary to play most games, controllers are what mostly take the wear and tear when gaming. They get dropped, tossed around and used frequently and will occasionally need to be replaced.

Purchasing more than one controller is also helpful to allow players to play multiplayer games. However, be careful as certain controllers only work with certain consoles, but you will be able to find some that are universal.

A popular type of charging station for controllers this year are ones that offer dual charging so that two controllers can be charged at the same time. Make sure you find out from the person you’re buying for to see what systems they have and what will be compatible with it.

Gaming Gift Cards

A gaming gift card is a perfect gift to give to somebody who loves gaming. It’s the perfect present for kids, teens, adults, for die-hard gamers and for people who are just now starting to build their gaming entertainment collection. If the person you are buying a gift for already has a favourite game that you know of, this is a perfect option.

Gaming gift cards allow players to advance further in their games or even to unlock levels that are unattainable otherwise. For example, if you purchase the Destiny 2 Pre-load for PS4, this card is the sequel to the original game. Gaming gift card choices are as varied as your game choices, so you will find many digital game cards for everyone’s favourite game. It is important to know which console they have, too, as some will only work with specific consoles. If you look at the front, these cards will clearly list which consoles they can be played with.

A great thing about gift cards is that you are able to choose exactly how much you want to give. Unlike material objects with set prices, you have a multitude of price options from relatively affordable ones to more expensive ones.

A good choice if you are not exactly sure what game the gift receiver likes, would be to give gift cards that work for many different games. For example, on Nintendo brand consoles, you are able to gift Nintendo eCash - this works across a number of different systems. When you give someone a gaming gift card, you give them the gift of choice as they can pick whatever game they want. Remember though that what the receiver of the gift card can purchase will depend on the amount that you put on the card.

Virtual Reality Gaming Gifts

We are in a new era of technology; with all the technological advancements society has achieved, the gaming world has followed closely. Virtual reality is one of the largest advancements in gaming technology currently. People of all ages seem to be fascinated by virtual gaming and rightly so.

When people play these games, it feels as if they are stepping into a whole new, three-dimensional world. Unlike traditional video games, you are fully submerged in the world; you will feel the action and it is as if you are right in the middle of it rather than playing as a bystander. Virtual reality games of all kinds are popular with people of all ages - from kids to teenagers to adults, but especially with hardcore gamers. However, the experience that anyone can enjoy will really depend on the console and the accessories that they have.

That is to say - the better the equipment you have, the better you play. 2017 brought many advanced items to the market for the virtual reality gaming community, a perfect example of this is the Sony PlayStation VR. It is one of the best virtual reality headsets that can be bought on the market because it allows players to be able to move naturally.

It allows you to be able to react to things in the games just as you would in real life. The headset gives you that immersed feeling so that the world you are in fades away as the virtual reality one takes over. Another reason this one is on many wish lists is that it has 3D audio - this means that the player can hear the sounds in real time and be able to tell where they’re coming from. This headset allows for the game to feel more real by awakening two of your senses - sight and hearing - creating an impressively real gameplay.

Another virtual reality gaming gift that you may want to consider is the HTC Vive. This is a platform that comes with the headset along with wireless controllers and base stations. Similar to the Sony PlayStation VR, the HTC Vive headset will make the player feel as though they are in the game and the controllers are part of the player’s hands.

The base stations have the capability to track the player’s actions so they can have precise movement within the gaming world. With the HTC Vive, the person can play standing, sitting down or can move around in a wider space. The players have access to over 1,500 games, including new updates and games that are released.

However, there is the option for different brands/consoles - for the PlayStation, look for the PlayStation 4 Pro console. Additionally, the Oculus Rift + Touch virtual reality system is also popular.

There are other factors that affect which virtual reality gaming accessory you may want to purchase. For those who wear glasses, it may be troublesome to use the headset for virtual reality. However, there are models that account for this, like the SILMIEN 3D VR Glasses.

These can be worn right on top of a pair of regular glasses because they are made specifically with extra width. It is important to make sure that you are getting games that are compatible with this system and if you are, this is a great gift option for all gamers, especially seasoned ones.

XBox Video Gaming Gifts

The Xbox brand creates a hype almost every holiday season, making it one of the most consistent, popular gift ideas. Xbox has many different consoles and bundles, varying prices and uses. One of the most popular choices that are on the top of every game lover’s holiday wish list is the Xbox One S. This console allows players to access the latest releases as well as their favorites. You will be able to find these sold as a console or as bundles - the bundles, even with their varying game titles, are all popular.

Another great gift option is the Xbox One S 500GB Console - Battlefield 1. This is a bundle deal and with this present, the receiver will get the complete Battlefield 1 game, the console, the wireless controller, the HDMI cable as well as a power cord and a couple of extra game features for EA and Xbox Live Gold.

You will find similar bundles with different games available on the market, too, such as one for Gears of War 4 or Forza Horizon 3. You will even find bundles offering different consoles such as ones with the Xbox 360 instead.

Many bundles offer players a free trial to Xbox Live Gold, which is very popular among gamers as it allows users to use controllers that are different from what you would get in a typical bundle. One of the special controllers is the wireless Dawn Shadow special edition controller.

Another accessory specific to Xbox that is topping many holiday wish lists is the docking station for Xbox One. Known as the Fosmon Dual Shot high-speed docking station, it is designed to be compatible with the X as well as the S controllers.

Xbox comes out with various games a month and with the growing popularity of video games, these games tend to sell out quickly. Xbox is known to create games that work on various consoles, allowing them to be versatile for all gaming systems. The games released are usually broken down by who’s going to be playing them.

For example, the games that are for kids are geared towards family entertainment. An example of a family-friendly game in 2017 is the LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 Deluxe, which is going to be released closer to the holidays. However, following the release of the LEGO films and the constant popularity of the franchise, most kids are bound to love this game. For adults, on the other hand, the newest and most wished for upcoming games for the year 2017 are Konami Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, Nascar Heat 2 and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.

PlayStation Video Gaming Gifts

If you are looking to purchase a gift for somebody whose existing gaming platform is a PlayStation, there are gifts specific to that platform, as well, since this is one of the most popular video gaming systems that can be bought today. If you are looking to purchase a new console for someone, a good choice may be the PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console - Uncharted 4 Bundle which is very popular for both kids and adults.

With this, you get the system plus a DualShock wireless controller as well as the game Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. When you are buying a console system or a console system bundle, it is important to note that most of them only come with one controller. So, another fun accessory to include when purchasing a gaming system for somebody may be extra controllers.

Especially if this is going to be a family gift, if you have ever been around kids, you know one controller with multiple children will end in an argument. Save yourself the hassle this holiday season and purchase an extra controller to add to the gift.

You can also purchase accessories specific to the PlayStation consoles. These items are less expensive than a full console but crucial to the gaming experience. A perfect gift idea could be the newest headset for PlayStation consoles, the ASTRO Gaming A10 Headset - this headset has memory foam ear cushions for ultimate comfort and it also includes a mic for communicative gaming.

Apart from headsets which are used to enhance the experience, items such as docking stations are necessary for gamers to play. A good option to consider may be the PS4 Controller Charger Dual USB Charging Docking Station Stand. It can hold two controllers for charging at the same time, allowing players to get the most use out of the gaming system, as they will not have to wait for controllers to charge individually.

On the other hand, a more personal gift to give would be games. If you know the person you are giving this gift to loves sports or competitions, a great option may be The Lost Legacy or the NBA 2K17 Standard Edition. If you’re not sure what game to get for an adult, get a PlayStation gaming gift card and let the recipient choose for himself. If you want to buy for kids who love video games, just remember to plan your purchase on whatever game is based on a popular movie.


Hopefully, this gift guide for buying video games and consoles will help you when the time for holiday shopping comes. Remember to check out upcoming releases to have a gift that is sure to impress.

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