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Every year, people strive to better themselves by getting in better shape physically. Some opt to go for gym memberships, but fitness can be accomplished without having to do so. In fact, it can be very fun getting into shape by engaging in sports and outdoor activities, especially with friends and family.

Many people use the arrival of a new year to signal a change in their fitness resolutions. Help your friends and family achieve their New Year’s fitness goals by giving them some of the best sports and outdoors gifts for 2017.

Cycling and Skating Gifts

Possibly one of the most popular means of being active among kids and teenagers is by cycling or skating. Both require a significant amount of physical effort and provide the added bonus of acting as a means of transportation, especially in suburban areas.

The most common out of all these is riding a bicycle. The reason why it’s so common is that it’s actually an easy skill to learn. Many people learn to ride bikes at a young age, and even if you didn’t, it’s never too late to learn. Cycling is an easy activity to learn at every age. Plus, it’s a very efficient way to get around if you don’t have a car or want to walk around outside.

In choosing the right bicycle to give as a gift, you want to make sure you select the right bike for the person you’re buying for. You should take into consideration the primary factor of location. If they’re mostly going to be using the bike on pavement, they’ll want some kind of road bike like the popular Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike Shimano 21 Speed 700c lightweight option.

However, if they’re doing any off-roading, they’ll want some kind of mountain bicycle like the Roadmaster 26″ Men’s Granite Peak Men’s Bike that’s known for its incredible suspension and easy manoeuvring. This bike and others like it are best given to people who like going outdoors for more adventurous bike routes.

Another popular mode of transportation, especially for teenagers, is skateboarding. Skateboards are more compact and easily transportable than bikes and are usually a lot cheaper. However, they may be a bit more difficult to learn.

For people who are interested in using skateboards but have no experience, you might give them something like a penny board. Penny boards are extremely compact and are ideal for beginners so something like the Penny Classic Complete Skateboard is a great gift to consider. Penny boards are also more ideal for commuting than more complex skateboard designs.

If your recipient is more likely to get into skating as a sport than as a means of transportation, they might find a longboard to be more preferable. The reason for this is that longboards can be used on more kinds of surfaces, as compared to penny boards which are safest to use on pavement.

One of the most impressive ones you can give as a gift this year is the Quest Skateboards Best 44″ Bamboo Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard. Apart from its usability, it also has a beautiful hardwood maple design that will wow the person you’re buying for.

Another less popular, but equally fun option is to skate. There are two main kinds of skates: roller skates, and inline skates. If you’re after speed, inline skates are more preferable, although both roller and inline skates can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Once you learn how to use skates, it can be a fast method of transportation that also provides you with intensive physical exercise. There are skates available for people of all ages on this gift list, men and women alike.

Of course, no matter which of these products you choose to buy for someone, you’re also going to want to get them the basic safety gear to avoid injuries. The most important piece of safety gear is a helmet.

Falling on your head can result in serious injuries, so make sure your recipient always wears a helmet. With that in mind, be sure you buy the right size for them. An ill-fitted helmet is no good as they might not want to wear it at all. Additionally, you should get them elbow, knee, and wrist guards to make sure they don’t cause serious damage to any of their important joints.

Hunting and Fishing Gifts

Many people, especially older gentlemen, enjoy spending their time outdoors hunting or fishing – and there are many items that can make the perfect Christmas gift for people who have this interest. Fishing and hunting are skills that can be passed on throughout generations, and some consider it a rite of passage to becoming an adult.

Whether your family is experienced or brand new to the idea, hunting and fishing can be enjoyed by all. Fishing is a bit easier and more casual for beginners to get into.

If you’re buying for someone who is new to fishing, the basic things that you need to get them are a rod and a reel. These two are the most vital equipment that any beginner fisher will need to have on their fishing trip.

You can either choose to buy these separately or in a bundle combo, which is recommended for beginners. A good option to consider is the PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo, which is perfect for either freshwater or saltwater fishing.

Once they have the reel and the rod, they need the fishing line. Fishing lines can be bought in various lengths and weight limits depending on what they plan to catch. If they’re going deep sea fishing and plan on getting some larger fish, they’ll want to get a longer line with higher weight limits.

However, if they’re just going to their local lake aiming to catch some bass, you can get them a shorter line with lower weight limits. You want to get their line as small as possible depending on the fish they plan on catching, because the wider the line is, the more noticeable it is to the fish.

Electronic fishing gadgets like the Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 Built-in GPS Fish Finder would be a more advanced fisherman’s dream gift. It’s because automated fishing hear like this removes the guesswork and ensures that whoever is using it goes home with a great catch.

If your recipient doesn’t live near a good place to fish or generally just prefer hanging out in the woods than out on the water, then they might like to hunt more. If your recipient is more of a hunter than a fisher, then you will want to equip them sufficiently for long days outdoors.

Necessary equipment includes clothes, equipment, as well as backup measures to ensure their safety. For clothing, you should get them something that’s very comfortable but also works well with the environment.

For camouflage, the Red Rock Gear Ghillie Suit is a big hit and is available in a variety of color options, including desert, greenery, and even snow. This ensures that the gear can be used in all environments and seasons. This makes this a gift that any dedicated hunter will appreciate.

If they’re hunting in late fall in a cold area, be sure to get something that can keep them warm all day. If they’re going to hunt in warmer conditions, like in a desert perhaps, they’ll need lighter pieces of clothing which are breathable and more comfortable to wear.

There are all sorts of accessories you can get for hunters – such as bags, belts, knives, eyewear and even bigger ticket items like tree stands and blinds that are more permanent options.

Golf Gadgets and Gifts

Golf is a classic sport, but today more and more young people are becoming interested in learning how to play, so golf items make a great gift for members of any generation. Golf is an easy sport to learn and love, as long as anyone invests the time needed to learn the basics.

You might opt to get the person a gift card to a place like Top Golf, where they can rent a set of clubs and get acquainted with how they feel. Later on, you can start getting some equipment for them if they want to keep on learning and developing their golfing skills.

The first thing they’ll need is the clubs. They can either start off with a single basic driver just to get their form down or you can get them a complete set if they’re really passionate about it. For beginners, the Paragon Golf Youth Golf Club Set is a good set to get for Christmas.

When they’re just starting off, don’t get one of the overly expensive clubs just yet - it won’t make them much better until they’ve mastered the basic clubs. This is because basic clubs are made for starters, and so they’re cheaper and won’t present that much hassle in case the player messes up while using them.

If they already have clubs, then you might consider getting them some items they can use for practice. That way, they won’t have to go to the nearest driving range just to rent the other equipment for a fee.

If they’re going out to a driving range, they’re going to have to bring some things with them. First off, they’re going to need tees. Tees are fairly cheap and often disposable, but you can get higher quality multiple use ones if you’d like – and use these as stocking stuffers.

The disposable ones will usually be made out of wood and can break easily if you make contact with them on your swing. The multiple use tees can be made out of rubber or plastic, so they don’t crack as easily when they’re hit.

If they want to be able to practice but don’t want to spend the time and money going out to the driving range every few days, you can gift them with some equipment that they can set up wherever most convenient, like their backyard.

One of the most common forms of training is hitting into a large net with a bit of flex to it, which catches the balls but allows them to get the full experience of the swing and the hit. One of the bestselling ones is the Rukket 10x7ft Haack Golf Net.

Alternatively, you can get them sticks that simulate the swing of a golf club fully, but don’t require a ball to hit. This means they can do it anywhere that they have the free space - whether it’s a large, empty room or part of their yard.

These golf training sticks like the MECO Golf Gesture Swing Trainer Training Aid allow them to work on the tempo and feel of swinging their club, making it a good training tool for new players and a good practice tool for seasoned players.

And don’t forget the short game. A practice putting green like the Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green will help them shave their score down quickly and easily.

Team Sports and Collectible Gifts

Almost everyone at one point in their life has played a team sport, whether it be for little league, high school, college, or any other team. Team sports are a great way to not only get in shape but also to form new friendships with other players on the team. For any team sports person, you can get gifts that fit their interest.

Whether they actively play sports to this day or simply enjoy watching them, there are plenty of products available for the sports enthusiasts out there. In the United States, three sports remain the most popular: baseball, basketball, and football.

As a testament to their popularity, these sports can often be seen on television. People even support teams that they like and watch these teams’ games almost religiously. Because of the huge fanbase, there are quite a number of items available to purchase for the sports fan in your life. Just make sure to get one that best fits the interests of the person you’re buying for.

While it’s fun to sit and watch the sports on the TV, what’s, even more, fun is trying out your hand in these sports yourself. Out of these three, basketball is probably the easiest one to pick up and learn.

There is a variation on the kinds of basketball hoops depending on the intended use. A barebones hoop is sufficient for backyard games. Something like the Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System is good for backyard courts.

There are also adjustable hoops that can accommodate both younger and older players. After you’ve got the hoop covered, all that’s needed is the ball itself. Officially sized basketballs are an inexpensive investment for the basketball player in your life.

Football and baseball can be played fairly casually as long as you have a large open field, but the person you’re buying for may want to bring along a few accessories to make it a bit more official.

Bases can be bought conveniently, just so your recipient doesn’t have to use random objects to stand for baseball bases. You’ll also want to get them baseball bats, mitts, and, of course, balls to complete the set.

The alloy bats made for official games are a bit expensive, but wooden bats are a good substitute for recreational games. For mitts, adult-sized ones will cost you around $50, but for kids, they’ll cost less as they’re smaller.

For many people outside the United States, football is the most popular sport. Known as soccer on the other side of the pond, this game is also easy to learn.

All you need to do is establish the goals and you can begin a game of your own, provided that there’s enough space. A standard soccer ball comes at a relatively cheap price, and for its maintenance, you’ll need a pump which costs roughly the same.

You can get a bit fancier if you want by buying them collapsible goals and nets, or even soccer cleats and shoes. Cleats are necessary for outdoor games as they keep soccer players safe, but for indoor games, they can be overlooked.

Take a look at more collectables here.

Camping and Hiking Gifts

Camping and hiking are great ways to bond with your family and friends, relax by yourself, or get in touch with nature. Luckily, there are many products that make fabulous gifts for the people on your list.

There are plenty of wonderful places to go hike or camp, no matter where you are in the world. Even in urban areas, a good trail is never that far.

The time they spend and the difficulty of the hikes can vary greatly, from spending a day out on a trail as a beginner or spending weeks out on one of the massive trails as an expert.

Either way, the right equipment is needed to make the experience as good as possible. The primary equipment you’ll want to get for a camper or hiker friend of yours is shoes and socks. The best kind is the ones that provide good traction to avoid any slips and accidents on the trail.

Without the right kind of protection and support, any hiker will not get the most out of any hiking or camping trip in the great outdoors. The Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot is the most popular brand of hiking shoes.

The next most important thing to buy is a reliable source of water. The worst thing they can possibly do is not bring enough water out on their camping or hiking trip. At least two litres of water per day of hiking is needed for one person, probably more if it’s hot out or if the trail is exhausting. You can get the Nalgene water bottles at a fair price, like the Nalgene Tritan 32oz Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle, which are some of the most durable bottles on the market.

Water bladders are also a good choice as they can fit in bags and can fit the recommended amount of water in them. If they decide they want to go camping, a good tent and sleeping bag is a must-have.

You can get them different sleeping bags that work better in different temperatures. Just don’t get them anything too thin or is the wrong size that will make them uncomfortable given the environment.

Additionally, to make sleeping in the tent more comfortable, you should buy them a ground pad or even an inflatable mattress. You also want to make sure their tent is durable and set up correctly because if you get them a cheap, flimsy one, they might find some unwanted creatures inside when they wake up.

Finally, if they’re staying out camping for multiple nights, they’re going to want some source of food. Freeze-dried foods such as the ones from Mountain House are quick, easy, and delicious.

They come in tons of different flavors for all meals of the day, all they need to do is heat up some water. They can heat up some drinking water in a metal pot, and bring along a small portable stove for the heat source – another item that makes a great gift for outdoorsy folk.

Winter and Water Sports Gear and Gifts

Water sports are winter sports are seasonal sports that can be participated in whenever most conducive. For people interested in the sports, you have a variety of choices for gifts to give them.

You’ll find that water sports are more common as there are larger bodies of water around and snow is only available year-round in select areas. Otherwise, people have to wait for winter to play some winter sports.

Snorkeling is one of the most common and fun water sports out there. The great part about this is that all you’ll need is a pair of goggles and the snorkel itself.

You can either get your recipient a full face mask that lets them see all around them or the traditional goggles. Once they have that, they can appreciate the beauty of the ocean in full. Consider making a gift of the popular TOMSHOO Snorkel Mask with Action Camera Mount.

Another fun and easy water sport is kayaking. Kayaks can be a bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth giving it as a gift if your recipient has a passion for it. If they have found interest in it after some sort of trial (which you can give them through a gift promo to the nearest kayaking place), you can get them one of their own on Christmas.

The Sea Eagle SE370K_P Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package is already a comprehensive thing to get for the kayak-enthusiast on your gift list. But if you choose to buy a different one, a good paddle and the right safety gear will be needed for a good gift set. For safety gear, a life vest is a must as there is the danger of getting flipped over when you’re out kayaking.

Winter sports are more location- and/or weather-specific. But the obvious necessity for such sports is a warm outfit to combat the coldness of the sport’s environment. Multiple layers of both tops and bottoms are advisable.

Skiing may be one of the most popular variations of winter sports. Ski resorts are common and when you go to one all you’ll need to do is be fitted for some gear and you’re good to go. However, some people choose to buy their own equipment and gear.

For people who regularly buy their own skis, one brand that sells well is the 2017 Atomic Vantage 100 CTI 188cm Skis. You can get a set for the person on your list – and that includes adults and children alike. They might want to bring their own goggles to make sure they’re comfortable in them.

Good skiing goggles should only cost you around $15-$25, and a good helmet will likely cost you around $70. Another good winter sport that you can do almost year-round is ice skating.

Many places keep ice skating rinks operating at all times of the year, so it doesn’t have to be winter for the person to enjoy it. You can either choose to get normal figure skating ice skates or adjustable skates if they plan on playing sports such as ice hockey.

Whatever sports or outdoor activity equipment you get them, make sure it’s durable and appropriate for outdoor use. It’s worth looking into getting them a good first aid kit as well because if something happens while they’re out in the wild, it can be difficult for help to get to them immediately.

They need to know how to treat injuries that may occur while they’re in the outdoors, such as bites, scratches, scrapes, and stings. A little bit of knowledge can prevent a scratch from getting infected and turning into a much larger problem than it needs to be. And it’s always a good idea to stay safe and prepared in these circumstances.

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